Benefits of Setting Up a Private Trust — Compliant Tax Planning

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2 min readOct 5, 2023

A trust is a globally recognized compliant tax planning tool.

Through the application of trusts, individuals or businesses of different nationalities can achieve reduced tax burdens and, to some extent, minimize exposure within financial regulatory frameworks. However, these benefits depend on the laws and tax regulations of your jurisdiction, as well as the purpose for establishing the trust.

Here are some tax planning features that trusts can offer:

Estate Tax Planning: Trusts are commonly used as estate planning tools to help beneficiaries reduce or defer estate tax payments. By transferring assets to a trust, beneficiaries can ensure that these assets are not included in the personal estate value, thereby lowering the associated taxation.

Income Distribution: Through trusts, settlors can distribute income among multiple beneficiaries, reducing the income tax burden for each individual. This is particularly attractive for high-income families.

Income Deferral: In certain cases, trusts allow settlors to defer income, meaning that the income may not be immediately included in the taxpayer’s personal income for taxation purposes. This can reduce the income tax payable for the current year, achieving tax planning goals.

International Tax Planning: For individuals with global business operations and assets or those planning to relocate to high-tax jurisdictions, effective global asset allocation and tax planning arrangements are crucial. Compliant trust structures can be utilized for international tax planning, effectively reducing or saving personal and corporate tax burdens.

Retirement Planning: Trusts can also be utilized for retirement planning, providing one of the tax planning benefits of obtaining legitimate tax-free income. Beneficiaries can receive tax-free living expenses from the trust, with only personal income tax obligations, without the need for other taxes such as estate tax and gift tax.

Considering Hong Kong’s simple and transparent tax regime, with no estate tax, capital gains tax, or dividend tax, setting up a trust in Hong Kong provides more tax planning options and can effectively achieve tax deferral or even exemptions.

Individuals with tax planning needs, such as high-income individuals or those considering immigration to high-tax jurisdictions, should engage in tax planning early. If you are interested in gaining further insights into how trusts can assist you in reducing tax expenses, feel free to reach out to our team for personalized professional advice that caters to your unique circumstances.

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