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2 min readOct 13, 2023

UniTrust breaks the traditional boundaries of the trust industry with the launch of the first Trust Asset Link credit card in Asia.

This groundbreaking credit card empowers trust clients to flexibly utilize their trust assets, enabling them to achieve true financial independence. Unlike conventional credit cards, the Trust Asset Link credit card offers the following features and advantages:

High-Privacy Consumption: Each transaction made with the Trust Asset Link credit card is conducted under the name of trustee, providing trust clients with added privacy protection and shielding them from scrutiny by financial institutions.

Unlimited Spending Capacity: The credit limit of the Trust Asset Link credit card is linked to the client’s trust assets. As the value of the trust assets injected into your trust increases, the credit limit of the Trust Asset Link credit card also rises accordingly. Furthermore, the Trust Asset Link credit card does not have specific billing cycles or minimum repayment amounts, allowing clients to have full control over their spending and repayment schedules.

Credit Cards for Trust Beneficiaries: UniTrust clients can apply for additional credit cards for their trust beneficiaries, including family members or company employees. This means that trust assets are no longer limited to immediate relatives, offering greater flexibility for trust asset management.

Multiple Asset Settlements and Automatic Repayments: Trust Asset Link credit card holders can settle transactions using various classes of trust assets, and they can also set up automatic repayment functions to alleviate concerns about missed repayments and avoid additional financial burdens.

Global Acceptance: The Trust Asset Link credit card, issued under the Mastercard brand, is accepted by millions of online and offline merchants worldwide, empowering clients to make purchases anytime, anywhere using their Trust Asset Link credit card.

All-in-One FinTech Trust Platform: Unitrust clients can easily manage their credit cards through UniTrust’s online platform, which provides services such as applying for additional cards, card locking, password changes, adjusting spending limits, and selecting notification preferences.

For further information on how the Trust Asset Link credit card can provide you with financial flexibility, please contact UniTrust today.

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